Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7. Day 38, Black and blue

I need to get out more. I need to stop and smell the flowers, obviously.
Until today I never knew there was such a thing as a Blue-banded Bee - a Common Blue-banded Bee  no less on account of the fact that it is, well, common. It appears that while I have been busily running around like a blue-arsed fly I have totally missed other insects with blue bums.
According to my research (read Google) , the Blue-banded Bee prefers purple and blue flowers and that is exactly where I found them this morning in the common garden across the road from my home.
The garden carries a sign saying it is Craig's Garden and Craig is the very first person to greet me when we moved here just over two years ago. It was also Craig who was the first to come running when we tried to set the kitchen on fire shortly after.
Craig was out tending to that community land just about every day and was always up for a chat.
Today it was his widow Noela who was out in the garden and ready for a chat. Since cancer claimed Craig she's taken over much of the gardening and this morning was cleaning up after the storms.
Those bees, she told me, come every year about this time and later there are bright yellow ones.
Yep, I need to get out more.

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  1. what a great way to remember Craig, a garden he loved and tended for years before he went. Will be some comfort to his widow. No I have never heard of these bees either.