Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21. Day 52. Stumpy

"Every dog has its day, but the dog with no tail has a weekend." Barry Hetherington
I can not absolutely verify that this piece of genius actually originated from my father but certainly he used it a lot and introduced it to me. Dad joke.
But anyway by that definition this bloke I photographed at South Bank this afternoon has a Weak End.
It would appear that Stumpy is actually doing something about what's lacking in his life and the tail is regenerating.
Funny isn't it? We consider ourselves to be a superior species but if one of our bits gets cut off there's no going back (except hair and finger nails. Given my recent haircut at least I can console myself with the fact it will grown back).
With or without a tail, I think Stumpy is a stunning looking lizard with most impressive markings.
But I admit he's not all there. How good will he be when he is?

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