Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17. Day 48. Flash of brilliance

I decided my bird obsession had to end (but like so many addictions, saying it and doing it is not the same thing).
Anyway as I left the house I said to myself "Enough with the bird photos. No more bird photos for at least a week".
Fortunately I have become quite good at ignoring the voices in my head or at least recognising the ones that  might just be a flash of brilliance from those which as a lightning bolt that are likely to start a fire that will only lead to destruction.
Anyway I was well on the homeward journey with non bird photos on my camera when a flock of sulphur breasted cockatoos flew overhead and appeared to stop in Musgrave Park just in front of me.
Okay, no harm in having a look. But when I got there the only birds were the rainbow lorikeets in full afternoon song.
I have to tell you that the shrill squawking of the lorikeets is almost impossible to ignore. The volume and pitch just seems to increase until you respond (coincidentally this appears to be the exact technique used by my son when I am trying to ignore his squawking, but I digress).
So the bird-free resolve melted. And there you have it. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I declare it a flash of brilliance.

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  1. A flash of brilliance indeed!Fabulous photo. Nothing wrong with taking the birdy shots! x