Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8. Day 99. You're dumped

You're dumped, possibly one of the least attractive phrases in the English language.
Whether it's a relationship or at the beach, you do not want to be the one being dumped. It's worse when you don't see it coming.
From the balcony of our unit, the sea looked very mild today. Up close it was still packing quite a punch.
But on such a beautiful beach day it was hard to resist. Mr O enjoyed a riding quite a few waves into the shore. Without the protection of a board, Grandpa Simon found the going a bit tougher. The photo below was taken just before he was knocked from his feet at almost the precise moment he realised he was still wearing his hearing aids and probably shouldn't have been. Fortunately both Grandpa and the hearing aids survived the experience no worse for wear.


  1. Lolz great fun in the sea.. Love the first action pic.
    What great Easter weather....

  2. The ocean is a fabulous cleanser for body and soul. Great shots.

  3. Love, love the first image!!!

  4. Now these are pictures I can really relate to. Surf club starts up for our children on Tuesday and I can't wait to be back at the beach each week. I only wish we could have your weather too! Well done Grandpa! thank you for sharing on Country Kids