Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16. Day 107. The morning after

Nothing says Melbourne quite like grey skies, trams and Flinders Street Station.
For most of my life I just didn't get what people saw in Melbourne. Every time I visited it was cold and wet and people, all dressed in dark overcoats, seemed to trudge stoically to work.
Then a couple of years ago, I visited the week before Christmas and the place was pumping. People were out in the street cafes in the long twilight, the Southbank precinct was alive with markets and street entertainers and the weather was stunning.
That, and the city's very active theatre scene, convinced me that I had been wrong.
I wouldn't want to live in Melbourne but I enjoy a visit.
So the morning after the night before I hit the streets enjoying the signs of autumn leaves we never see in Brisbane.
They were still packing up after the party at Crown and the Today Show hosts were eating hot chips as they went to air.
But elsewhere in the city it was the Monday morning and people were going about their Monday morning business.
Okay it grey and the first dark overcoats of the season were already on show but Melbourne and I are now friends and I won't let a few clouds spoil that.

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