Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7. Day 98. The early bird catches the worm

I was never a morning person. I was the type of person you had to shake to life at 11am but who would still be reading or watching TV into the early hours of the morning. If I was to see a sunrise it was because I hadn't gone to bed yet. Then about 15 years ago I realised that I really had to exercise and if that was to happen it had to be before work. If I had all day to think about it I would come up with a reason I couldn't. So I started setting the alarm. Now I wake up early of my own accord. It would be a lie to say I spring yet of bed but I get up and get at it but deep inside I think the night owl is still there. In any case, I don't agree with those who think the day is wasted if you sleep in. You get the same out if he day just at the other end. However, there are advantages to rising with the sun. It was bloody marvelous at sunrise at Broadbeach this morning.


  1. That is spectacular. Broadbeach was where we lived when we first moved to Qld from Sydney a looonnngg time ago. The beach sunrises are the one thing I miss about living in Brisbane.