Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17. Day 108. Opposites attract

I can only explain it as an example of opposites attract.
Packing lightly is not a skill I've mastered. After all, it is just possible I will need the kitchen sink while away and I'd hate to have to make do without it.
My husband on the other hand packs lightly, very lightly, often way too lightly. There was the business trip with no shoes. The trip with no toiletries. The trip with no smalls.
So I wasn't entirely surprised by the frantic text at 6.30am advising of a desperate need of cuff links to be dropped at the office. He was already at the airport about to board the plane when he realised the formal cuffed shirt he'd packed for a function tonight would not function too well without cuff links.A colleague taking a later flight could solve the problem of the missing links provided they were delivered to the office.
After composing a colourful text and then deleting it and replacing it with a simple "okay", I got to raid the cuff link drawer. So many options recognising his many roles. Cuff links for the accountant. Cuff links for the cricket lover. Cuff links for the bridge player. Cuff links for the dad. There is even a pair of cuff links that open to reveal a USB memory stick.
I chose something plain and conservative not having a clue what shirt I was matching. I was tempted to pack them all just in case. Like I said, I don't pack light.


  1. What a great collection love em love em love em.. except I have doubts about Accountant now...

  2. love the way you have laid out your shot, nicely taken

  3. What a great wife you are. I think my husband owns one pair and never used them lol.

  4. he has a fab selection of cufflinks!! they all look shiney and new! does he polish them?? great shot as always xx

  5. What a great collection of cuff-links, great story too.

    THanks for linking up

  6. What an great shot & an impressive collection of cuff links!

  7. Great story with a photo that tells it all x

  8. I really love cufflinks but you see so few people wearing them these days. Lovely collection he has though :)