Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28. Day 119. Democracy in action

The Returning Officer looked at me like I was insane but agreed that it was my prerogative to vote that way if I so desired. Even my mother told me I was mad but that didn't stop me.
As a voter in the South Brisbane electorate, today I had to vote twice - once in the council elections and once in the by-election for the seat vacated by Anna Bligh after the State election.
Now normal people would have done this at the same polling booth. I went to two seperate booths and this photo of democracy in action was taken at State High where I voted for the second time.
There was no good reason for this behaviour. In fact, given that I don't accept "just because" as a reason from my teenager you could argue that there wasn't even a bad reason.
Perhaps I just wanted to test the system.
Perhaps I just wanted to see where the best sausage sizzle was.
Perhaps I just like seeing deomcracy in action so I decided to drag out the process.
I even told myself it was to because I needed to get a decent walk in and visiting more than one booth would ensure I didn't chicken out in the dreadful weather today.
But in the end it probably comes down to a favourite saying of my late father: "Why does a dog lick its balls? Because it can."

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  1. LOL... my god. If I tried that out here it'd be a 100km trip!! Glad you enjoy your elections, Miss S. It will be interesting to see who gets South Bris.