Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26. Day 117. The real story of the Easter Bunny

My younger sister Lisa is, and always has been, an emotional being.
In 1977, she found herself getting very upset and annoyed that our new neighbours John and Clare wouldn't be visited by the Easter Bunny because they didn't have any children.
So she decided to do something about it. She hand made a card and signed it "from the Easter Bunny" and secretly delivered it to their home on Easter Sunday.
The neighbours were thrilled. So the next year, another card was made. And the next year another one.
Cards have been made every year since and Clare has every one of them. There have been collages, paint, pencil and crayon. There have been decorated eggs, cut out bunny footprints up the stairs and hand made baskets.

Lisa hasn't made all the cards. Over the years many family members have had a go and the cards have become more elaborate.
 The cards are a potted history of our family. Cards made by my late Dad, cards made boyfriends and girlfriends long gone are all part of the collection. And now the next generation is involved with our kids now making the cards. And every year, one of the kids will ponder whether John and Clare have worked out it is us not the Easter Bunny making the cards. (I do hope Clare isn't reading this because I would hate to ruin the secret)

Every year the complete card collection comes out. And every year they pored over and there's much debate about who made which card and much hilarity as we look at some of the early examples (especially the first one. Even now, we still think the eggs scattered on the ground behind the bunny look like rabbit poo).

The card collection made its way to my house this week and I was able to check out the latest offering made by my niece Scarlett.

They will be carefully packed up and returned to Clare on the weekend.There they they will wait until Easter 2013 to see if the bunny again decides to visit and wish John and Clare a Happy Easter.


  1. Dat pesky wabbit is certainly both clever and caring

  2. That is a GREAT family story! I've never heard one like that. Very, every cute.