Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20. Day 111. Confessions of an online shopper

I have a confession. I am ever so slightly addicted to one-day deals. I haven't counted but I think I subscribe to about 10 of the daily deals services that email, tweet and Facebook you each day with not-to-be-missed bargains.
To be fair to myself, I don't buy everything. I wasn't even tempted by the deal for colonic irrigation. The deal on teeth whitening, not even a flicker of interest.
However, there have been battery pack phone chargers, a portable digital radio, a pressure cooker, photo books, canvas art, a pool bean bag, hammock, wonder bras, ten pin bowling vouchers, window washing, carpet cleaning and oh so many hair cuts and massages.
For the most part I have been entirely satisfied with these deals.
But there was one disaster. There was the cake. The 70th birthday cake for my Mum's big celebration. The cake we never got because the shop closed down between when I ordered the voucher and when we went to collect it.
Less said about that one, the better.
This one bad egg will not dent my enthusiasm for the deals and this means I spend more time at the Post Office than at any other stage of my life. If you are not home when the latest purchase arrives, you get a card and you need to collect your goods from the nearest Post Office.
So I was there just before 7am, having discovered that there is a parcel pick up service that allows you to avoid queues and collect before the doors open.
Today's "score", a brilliant coffee table book featuring some of my photos.
I am already on the lookout for a deal to turn my Project 365 experience into a book.


  1. Bring on the deliver to your door shopping, The Australia Post contractor and I are on first name terms.. You can't save unless you spend.
    Nice Pic too :)

  2. are the lockers at a train/bus station?

    1. No, they are post office boxes where you can securely have mail delivered. Quite common here

  3. I'm an online shopping addict too! Amazon is evil lol x