Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14. Day 105. Bowled over

To say I am not very sporting would be like saying Usain Bolt is quite a good runner. Frankly, if there was a gold medal for slow and uncoordinated I would be on that medal podium. This made choosing a sport at school a challenge but rather generously the school included offerings such as ten pin bowling and ice skating for those who find concepts such as catch and throw just a bit tricky.So I signed up for bowling most terms and despite this I never actually progressed past the level of completely useless. But it was fun. It is still fun and best of all when you have children you are able to request the bumpers thus eliminating the gutter ball. Now that I think if it, bumpers at 10 pin bowling might actually be the very best thing about being a mother (ok, I lie - but only a bit).Anyway, it's family games night and we are at 10 pin bowling. I'm still useless and shoes are still ugly. But really a sport that allows you to eat hot chips and drink beer while you play, what can be better than that?


  1. A lovely shot indeed, love the vivid colours...

  2. what a clever angle, lovely colours