Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24. Day 115. Everybody needs good neighbours

Meet Margaret. She's my next door neighbour and this is where I see her every day, at the window of her home watching the world go by.
At dawn, she takes up her post and she stays there pretty much until the sun goes down. She has her knitting and her books and magazines and the newspaper to keep her company and she greets by name every one of the numerous dog walkers who pass by her window.
She knows everybody and everybody know Margaret which is not all that surprising.
She has lived in that same house for 78 years since her family moved there when she was six. There's nothing that goes on in this street that Margaret doesn't know about. If I get home from my walk late, she notices. If I put out the wrong bin, she notices. I see her as a one woman Neighbourhood Watch not a nosey neighbour.
Not only that, she has seven decades of local history in her very active mind and she's very happy to tell you all about it. I really must sit down and get her story.
I'd hate to think I left it until too late.


  1. Was she the lady that the dustbin men were checking on the other day? Fab photo.

  2. That's her. She never would have posed for a photo. She was laughing at me taking a photo of a scrub turkey