Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2. Day 93. A hole in one

Q: Why did the Irish golfer wear two pairs of undies? A: In case he got a hole in one.
Yes, even as Irish jokes go that's a shocker.
Still someone in my family is bound to tell it when there's a family putt putt tournament on the go. The idea is probably to put off the opposition. Hard not to be put off by something that dreadful.
Anyway, today the venue for the great golf challenge was the Putt Putt course at the Victoria Park Golf Club and the contestants were Mr O and Grandpa Simon.
We were taking advantage of a thoroughly brilliant Brisbane City Council initiative GOLD'n'Kids which is a program of holiday activities children can do with their grandparents. An offshoot of the Growing Old Living Dangerously program for seniors, it cost just $2 a player and was a great bonding activity for the young man and the not so young one.
Apparently there was more than one a hole in one. I didn't ask whose undies.


  1. I's rather a bad day at golf over a good day at work any time... Some great snaps

  2. Only Grandpa can offer all the best golf advise! It is the same in our house. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids

  3. Your opening line may be a shocker, but it made me chuckle... too much! And the photos are lovely.

  4. That's such a great initiative, it would be lovely it we did something like that here. Time spent with grandparents at this young age are the times that stay with you forever. Beautiful capture too.
    (visiting from the Country Kids linky)