Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10. Day 101. Building sand castles

There was empire building a plenty on the beach this morning.
Everywhere you looked families were constructing forts, castles and moats. Whole towns and villages were being created by many eager little hands.
And then the tide changed. Some let the approaching enemy of the sea do its business. Some built up a levy bank and tried to hold their position. Some took great glee in getting in first and jumping on their creations.
It was a great spectacle to watch and proof once again that you don't need a screen to have a good time (although it often helps)!
Of course I will be discovering sand in just about every body cavity for some time yet.


  1. I used to love building sand castles and sand cities. So much fun! So much sand! So many body crevices!

  2. It's amazing what they can do with sand! my OH also complains about sand getting everywhere!

  3. I love that beach of yours. What amazing sand for castles! thank you for joining me on Country Kids

  4. Reminds me of this weeks news
    £5,000 paid for a sandcastle demolished so quickly.

    Great castle and great photo you have there.

  5. Wow love that sandcastle and its very true!