Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21. Day 112. Well overdue

I hate video shops. There I've said it and that probably makes me a bad mother.
They drive me crazy and not just because they still call themselves things like Blockbuster Video or VideoEzy when they haven't hired out a video in about a decade. It's all DVDs, BluRay and games, obviously. But I digress.
I hate the process of borrowing movies because it takes so bloody long. Honestly how hard can it be to select a DVD? Very hard it would seem.
But that's only half the story.
The real reason I hate video shops is that we never seem to return our borrowings before the due date.
Over the years I am sure we have accumulated fines equivalent to the gross national product of many small African countries. Perhaps I exaggerate just a bit but I am sure that a lot of the time we would end up well ahead if we bought rather than rented the movies.
Despite this I had my arm twisted and agreed to visit the video shop today. Naturally I was greeted with $15 in fines for late returns.
While the hideously long title selection process happened, I roamed the store and took photos. This one of the posters was my favourite.
Now, if someone would care to remind me next Saturday to return the borrowings from the Weekly section I would be most grateful. Thanks

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  1. I guess the crowd shot did not cut it. But I do like this one