Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1. Day 92. I'm an April Fool

Kermit said "It's not easy being green" well let me tell you something Froggy being born on April Fools Day has its challenges too. Yes, I'm an April Fool. Actually, I believe my mother was the fool because she was the one giving birth but anyway. And for the record I was born in the morning before the fooling deadline of noon. If only Mum had crossed her legs for another 30 minutes....
So I'm a Fool and that meant being the brunt of many a school yard joke. Naturally those nearest and dearest didn't let me off either. They'd tell me my presents were in the lounge and I'd run off excitedly only to hear "Fooled You". The presents were in the kitchen. I'll be sending them the counselling bill.
As I've grown older I've learned to embrace it. The fact is that one of the big advantages of being born on April 1 is that people remember your birthday. Every cloud does have a silver lining.
This year I was fooled again. The boys apologised that there was no present because of the bad Man Flu that had struck the house. I believed this as I had not left out any strategically marked catalogues or bought the gift and had it wrapped for them to give to me. But no. They laughed at me. They called me a Fool and presented me with a beautifully wrapped box with a silver bracelet and ear rings.
It's not so bad being a Fool


It's my birthday and I'll post more than once if I want to. With my train spotting father-in-law in town we decided the Steam Train Sunday ride that travels out of Roma Street might be a nice family outing - and it was.
Now I admit that taking a train ride would not normally be my idea of a top thing to do on my birthday but we did have a very enjoyable hour steaming around the city.
But there was a complaint. About a decade ago we did the same train ride and the young man was fascinated by the hole in the ground toilet which dumped straight on to the tracks. The sign advising not to use the loo at while the train was at a station was most exciting. This time all the carriages had flushing toilets.
Yes, it's not every day a person complains about having to endure flushing toilets but I did rather like the journey back in time

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  1. What else can one say but a BIG Happy Birthday. Toot toot