Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 9. Day 222. Punch drunk

Weird things happen so often around the buildings where I work that they almost cease to be weird. Still, even given that, some of the noises coming out of the rehearsal rooms at La Boite recently have been usual in a way that would be most alarming in other work places. We all just shrug and think "actors, seriously". I often wonder if there was a serious police incident, how long it would take people to realise something bad was actually going on and it wasn't just a rehearsal, a film being shot or some script reading. Anyway, today the rehearsal doors were thrown open and the secret noises from inside the studio came out into the light of day, literally. It was the cast of Prize Fighter going through their paces. A school group was gathering ready for a matinee dress rehearsal. Then it was on to a plane to Darwin for the cast before a tour that will eventually bring them back to south-east Queensland on September 13 and 14. But today it was a warm up of a type not normally associated with the theatre. They were happy to chat while they went through their paces. I missed Prize Fighter when it was staged last year but I have tickets this time. And from what I saw today the fighting will look terrifyingly real. This was not just a dress rehearsal.

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