Friday, August 3, 2018

August 3. Day 216. Going to the zoo

Size matters. Every girl will tell you that. But every girl will also tell you that it isn't always the bigger the better. I've long suffered from lens envy. I go to events and see people with great big lenses and I'm overcome with jealousy. Well Susan, be careful what you wish for. Today I lured my work colleague TJ out of the zoo that employs us and into one with much tamer animals such as crocodiles and tigers (that was a joke people  .... there were also alligators and snakes). Anyway we went on a photographic safari to Australia Zoo sponsored by Canon and Ted's Cameras. So as well as Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my there were big, big lenses to play with. Presumably, the idea was that after getting the money shot you'd rush to handover the $$$ to take one of those mean mothers home. 
This is exactly the sort of thing I'm very prone to do. 
But I didn't. Rather than convince me I "needed" such a lens, it convinced me I wouldn't use it. 
It was a beautiful lens but it was really, really heavy and best used with a lens monopod. I simply couldn't see myself using very often if at all. 
I certainly could see myself using it enough to justify the rather staggering $11,000 plus price tag. 
When push comes to shove, I'm an exceptionally lazy photographer. I can not say this has cured me of my lens envy.
 I will still look longingly and admire but in much the same way as I admire tigers. 
I like to watch ... but I really don't want to pick one up.

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