Monday, August 6, 2018

August 6. Day 219. On the shoulders of giants

 Brisbane you know how to play, you really do. The southerners sometimes scoff at the banana benders north of the Tweed River but look who's laughing now.
Were you basking on the city beach in the sun today Sydney?  I bet you weren't. And as for you Melbourne ... Flinders Street never looked anything like this in August. Winter? What winter. Yeah, yeah. I suppose you sip on your lattes and tell yourself that at least you get to wear black all winter and can save by not buying sunscreen.
I'm a reptile - and not just because my skin is scaly. I'm a lizard because I need to lie about and soak up the sun. Given half a chance I'd  brumate during winter. Some would argue that my tendency to spend a lot of time in bed in winter actually fits the definition of brumation. Lethargic, yes. Barely moving, probably. So Southerners, as they say in our advertising campaign "Beautiful one day. Perfect the next". How's that latte tasting now?

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