Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 5. Day 95. Quite a catch

There wasn't a whole lot of solid food being consumed by the offspring today. The surgical extraction of four teeth will do that to a person.
I could say I went out in sympathy with him - but not with a straight face. I don't do hunger well. I'm more the sea food diet type - see food and eat it. Also, we had guests arrive from England this morning and it would be rude not to feed them, right?
Late this afternoon during Operation Defeat Jetlag I took the visitors to the University of Queensland lakes to see some of the natives.
An Australasian Dart was putting on quite a show. At first it was the whole spread your wings and give a plumage display. But that wasn't quite enough. Then it decided to show how good it was at fishing and eating the catch in one swallow- all very impressive, not something I would recommended if you've just had four wisdom teeth removed.

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