Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10. Day 100. Room with a view

Twice in my life I've occupied a space with a Story Bridge view. In 10B at All Hallow's my desk looked out over the bridge. I kind of remember gazing out the window at it when I should have been concentrating on Romeo and Juliet or something. I remember the smell of hops from the brewery which was then across the road more strongly.
Later, when I started work at QUT, my office on 5th Floor of B Block also had a bridge view. I lost that when we moved campuses.
Now it is my husband's turn to have an office with river views.
Charles' company has recently moved from the 'burbs to a swanky CBD address and today I had my first visit. His actual office doesn't overlook the river but I did happen to notice that the conference room was well placed for events such as River Fire.
My guess is I am far from the first to have the same thought.  Hey people, I have history. Back off.

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