Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26. Day 116. Stop and smell the flowers

You know that thing about giving yourself time to stop and smell the flowers? To that I say "I would if I could".
There are a couple of limitations. 1. Allergies. Some flowers I'm much better off not smelling unless chronic sneezing and wheezing is preferable to a commitment I'm trying to avoid.
And 2. Time. Some things can't be avoided no matter how much sneezing and wheezing you do. These things include marking, marking and marking. Things such as laundry, grocery shopping and cooking are unavoidable but can be outsourced.  At this part of semester time and marking stand still for no man or woman.
As these photos reveal ... I did see the sun but only just. I walked outside between commitments and papers, lifted the camera, hit the button a few times and walked back in.
If I had the time to worry about it I would. Perhaps when semester is over and I stop to smell the flowers ...

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