Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13. Day 103. They are a weird mob

There is batshit crazy fauna and flora in our part of the world.
It's no wonder people from other parts think Australia is weird.
I took our English visitors back across to the University of Queensland today partly because one of the group is considering studying in Australia but mostly because it's a place I like to take the dogs for a walk.
So then we encounter the sausage trees. I think sausage is a rather kind comparison - I think genitals.
Perhaps that makes me a bad person.
You have to say they are impressive but while we were looking at them we noticed first one and then more cockatoos feeding on the pods. Bonus.
Total bonus.
And then there was the Australian pelican.
You don't get those in the UK.
Certainly that's worth a walk.

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