Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16. Day 106. Food for thought

When you are on a diet - as I am - everything starts to look delicious. And food becomes an obsession.
I feel like I could sniff a slice of bacon from the next suburb. But I have nothing on the birds of prey. Today we decided we needed to take our English visitors to "the" Brisbane tourist experience. We went to Lone Pine.
Naturally the kangaroos and koalas were high on the list of things to see. They did not disappoint, But the surprise packages were the birds. We arrived at lorikeet feeding time. The loris arrived on call and landed both on the feeding plates and our visitors' heads. Then it was time for the raptor show. These guys are amazing.  The right thing to do may be to look away when rodents are being demolished whole. Not happening. This is action I had no intention of missing. It was a feast for sore eyes. Everyone was impressed, except for the rodents .....

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