Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2. Day 92. Letting your hair down

I hate the last day of holidays. The 10am check out time means that all you get to do is clean up and clear out. I refused to play that game. Not only did I want to milk every last second of the weekend, I also really didn't fancy hitting the long weekend traffic snarl back to Brisbane. So I booked an extra night. I knew we would all leave before midnight but it gave us the extra day. This meant another day in the sun. This meant another day with my sister and her family. This meant another couple of trips to the dog beach. This meant throwing the ball to the dogs about 500 more times. It was another chance for Drama Being to hang with his mate George who is normally Sydney-based but was also with his family on the coast for Easter. It was the way I want a holiday to end, relaxing not panicking to pack and go. Of course, I don't actually want the holiday to end at all but you get what I mean.

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