Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14. Day 104. Witch hunt

Witches. We don't believe in them any more. Witch hunts, however, those are very, very real. This is why Arthur Miller's The Crucible is still relevant. Of course, it was never about actual witches. When Miller wrote it the witch hunt was about McCarthyism and communism. Today there are witches under every bed ... social media can lead to people being hunted down for the slightest crime. You need no judge or jury. Just hysteria. This is why I really enjoyed Brisbane Arts Theatre's The Crucible tonight. The surface didn't need much scratching to see what was below.
I also liked the costumed bloke at the box office and eating a bag of chips at intermission. The sign said it all "Doon wi' this sort of ting". Ignorance ... and it can be applied to any situation. You don't even need to update it for the next  outrage. Perfect.

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