Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 22. Day 112. These boots are made for throwing

 I don't understand the shoe throwing thing. I don't understand it because shoes are expensive. but I mostly don't understand it because I have no idea how people manage to throw shoes that high.
I have images of people standing in the middle of the street repeatedly hurling footwear skywards. I assume this happens in the middle of the night and probably after a drink or 10. I assume this because I've never seen it happen but more because Margaret, my neighbour, has never mentioned it.
Margaret is the one on whom nothing is lost. She sees everything. She makes a note of everything.
She will tell me about the times of deliveries.
She tells me about who forced the gates at the unit block or which dog in the street escaped and who chased it.
Street watching is one of her things. She is also a great list maker.
She has lists of what meals are coming from meals from Meals on Wheels on any day because it is on her list.
She knows what day every bill is paid and can chart the increases in the cost of electricity over the years.
She's quite a character and even though I visit her almost every day she never ceases to surprise me.
And of course the dogs love their visits and she loves seeing them.

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