Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19. Day 109. A cut above

Is it wrong that I miss the dogs when they are out of the house getting their haircuts? Don't answer that. I know already. It's perfectly acceptable. In truth the answer is a little more complicated. Today was marking, marking and more marking. Marking does my head in. I like to voice my dissatisfaction out loud about every little misdemeanour.  I like an audience but no-one wants to hear a person rant about tenses not agreeing or an inability to punctuate quotes. So I tell the dogs. If they could speak they would be terribly knowledgeable about exactly where to position a comma in a direct quote. It drives me barking mad. So I was left telling myself. The dogs don't much like getting their haircut. They like the treats they always get from Margaret when they return. They like being back in my company. They don't even seem to mind that the discussion is about the over use of first person ...

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