Friday, April 20, 2018

April 20. Day 110. Raining in my heart

I've decided crows are not very bright. 
Indeed, I may have just found the one true proof that puts my intelligence level about those murderous road rats.
I choose to ignore the fact that crows can lure other birds to crash into buildings to stun and eat them or rub ants on their skin for the formic acid that will ward off parasites. 
This is cherry picking facts to suit my argument like the best of them.
So anyway, there was this hideous downpour on Wednesday and the forecast was rain through to the weekend.
Like the good little girl scout I never was, I realised that would cause trouble.
I'd agreed to take Margaret to the solicitor today and her slow wheelie walker amble would be pretty much impossible in the rain. So we postponed ... and this morning was bright sunshine. But then, around appointment time, there was thunder and lightning and bucketing rain. Round one to Susan. And what did the crows do during this? They sat in possibly the most exposed spot in the street. All the other birds had found shelter but not the crows. See stupid or fans of dancing in the rain. Confirmation bias demands I accept the former.

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