Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18. Day 108. Lacking passion

Our visitors left today. I enjoyed having them around.
We all did, even the dogs who liked the attention and increased possibilities for hunting down and stealing people's smalls.
 I enjoyed a reason to play tourist in my own town but it was time for them to leave by which I mean a massive pile of marking arrived in my virtual inbox at midnight.
As anyone who knows me knows, I hate marking. It sucks but I had steeled myself and I was ready.
And then the online submission site failed. It was down nearly all day. I seriously do not have time for this. I need to procrastinate of my own free will and not because of outside forces. I sulked. It rained.
I sulked some more and then decided the only thing for it was to nap to give me the mental fortitude to mark non stop for days as soon as BlackBoard decides to grace us with its presence. I'm pretty sure you can't front load sleep but I gave it a go in any case. Curse you technology.

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