Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8. Day 220. Bold and Beautiful

I know when I'm not wanted.  This morning the hospital called to say my neighbour Margaret was requesting new batteries for her hearing aids be brought up. I know where they are kept. I have a key. That's easy. However because of #life it was 4pm by the time I arrived. Margaret was most pleased to see me. I was given a detailed - and far too loud - run down of the other patients in the room, a description of everything on the menu and laundry instructions. I helped put in the new batteries and then it was time to leave. No-one or nothing interrupts Margaret's viewing of Bold and the Beautiful. I respect that. Everyone is entitled to at least one guilty TV pleasure. I have many of them but at least Foxtel allows me to rewind and replay the good bits. She was far happier and more settled than when I last saw her and she's giving orders which is a good sign. Unfortunately exactly how long she will be there is unknown. There were no batteries in the hearing aids when the doctor called. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow.

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