Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23. Day 235. Breast in show

 An exhibitionist I am not. Frankly I do not think the world need to see my breasts. Flashing them or drawing attention to them is not a "thing" I do. The closest I get to breast exposure is watching The Bachelor too closely where quite frankly luck and double-sided tape is the only thing that comes between breast tissue and a wardrobe malfunction. But like any rule there are exceptions and in my case that comes down to the mammogram. Let us be honest about this, while not as dire as the pap smear, the mammogram does not have a lot going for it in terms of fun things to do on a Wednesday afternoon. Having a stranger push your boob into a most uncomfortable positions and then squish it between two hard cold plates does not have a lot going for it. Except of course it has a whole lot going for it which is early detection and the chance to live a longer, happier life. Yep, mammograms suck but we all know the alternative is far, far worse.

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