Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 2. Day 214. Lights up

Never a dull moment it the crazy life of me (actually my life is full of dull moments but mostly I try not to write about them). However by both design and accident I seem to encounter crazily creatives. This is not opposites attract, just the opposite. Indeed when you work in a Creative Industries Faculty eventually you more or less stop noticing the more eccentric types wandering about. In other workplaces a young man in a bear onesie with a couple of bags of groceries might fit the description of odd. Where I work it's just another day at the office. And it's not even as though outside work hours I steer clear. Tonight I headed off to Short + Sweet, a festival of micro theatre. These performances might be small in length but they were very big on entertainment value and the creative crazy quotient was off the scale. After a day exposing myself to other people's creativity, I indulged myself just a little on the way home from the Powerhouse. That view of the Story Bridge from the Valley end is one of my favourites. I even put the camera on manual. So creative, right?

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