Friday, August 4, 2017

August 4. Day 216. Life without ballet would be pointless

Numerous studies have found that ballet dancers are fitter than footballers or other elite athletes. Both are, when it comes down to it, full contact sports. Only one, however, is graceful and performed in pointes. Try doing that footballers. Would you catch me at a football training session? No you would not. Would you catch me at a ballet rehearsal? As long as no-one expected me to put on Lycra, absolutely. Today I found myself at the Queensland Ballet headquarters were Ballet Academy students and dancers from Collusion, a dance and music ensemble, were rehearsing for a performance as part of the Restrung Festival at the Powerhouse later this month. Under the watchful eye of choreographer Gareth Belling the dancers unwrapped their LED light tubes which will be used in Muscle Memory. The delicate lights had just arrived and rehearsals until this point had used cardboard tubes as prop doubles. I'm reasonably sure with cardboard it would have still looked stunning. Lights just took it to a new level of grace and beauty.  I do not consider myself to be a ballet expert having effectively been expelled from ballet classes at age six because of an extreme lack of coordination. But I know what I like and I liked this a lot. It should something special.

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