Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 10. Day 222. Beautiful people

Of course I would say journalism is a pretty awesome thing to study. Of course I would say that a degree in journalism can open many doors. I'd be mad if I didn't given my day job. But the truth to me is where I see the people I studied with, the people I have taught and those I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. It's a game of where they are now? Some are in newsrooms. Many are not. Their names pop up in politics, big business, public relations and marketing. They write books, they are in the Creative Industries, in travel, in the charity sector. It's a case of make your own career. One of those whose career has taken her on a path unimaginable not all that long ago is Nikki Parkinson. We worked closely together at the Sunshine Coast Daily. She is now an incredibly successful  professional blogger, author and social media influencer. She is talented, passionate and ever so stylish. But she is also generous with her time in mentoring the journalists of tomorrow. Many will have no particular interest in fashion and style blogging, but Nikki's tips about personal brand building, social media use and self promotion are vital to anyone studying journalism. And she did it all for the price of a latte on almond milk. I had a hot chocolate and managed to get cocoa on my face. That's why she's the style blogger and I'm not.

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