Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14. Day 226. Foaming at the mouth

There is a reason banker rhymes with wanker. I try to avoid all human contact with banks (and let's be honest they try even harder to avoid contact with us mere mortals) but today I had no choice. My neighbour Margaret lives in a world where bank books with a signature in the back are a thing. She does not trust plastic. She certainly does not trust Internet banking. Normally she can just about survive in a cash economy but when your term deposit falls due and you are in hospital there are issues. She was stressing. I went to the Commonwealth Bank to see what could be achieved. Easy, I was told. It can be done over the phone. Except it couldn't. Without a Netbank authorisation number you are not a person. So after a very long wait in a phone queue and an even longer argument with a thoroughly "unhelpful"human I gave up. I was furious. If anything Margaret was more angry especially since she's been banking with the Commonwealth for more than 80 years. Of course upsetting an old lady in hospital didn't seem to bother the bank. Rules are rules even if you are just wanting to put your money from your account into the same account again. Sigh. Tomorrow we try again.

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