Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 26. Day 238. That's incredible

Isn't she incredible? My delightful niece Scarlett celebrated her 21st birthday tonight. It's the second 21st birthday I've been to this year. As it happens it's one of two 21st birthday parties I could have attended tonight. Life is like that. It goes in cycles. It's 18th birthday parties every weekend, then 21sts, then weddings, then baby showers, then kids parties and 40th birthdays and 50th birthdays. Now we are back to 21sts. It's pretty cool really. It was a delightful event with family and friends and far too much really awesome food. And champagne. Quality champagne. The wonderful thing about 21 Mark II is that I have learned a little bit about moderation (not when it comes to food obviously). I enjoyed the champagne but only to the extent that I could drive home. So I got to enjoy all the party and remember it. Probably just as well because that delightful non drinking 21-year-old does not need an aunt dancing on the table - or worse. I need to make sure I'm still invited to future weddings, baby showers, kids parties ....

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