Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 29. Day 241. Don't stop till you get enough

It was Michael Jackson who, at the height of the Disco era, told us not to stop until we had enough. Honestly I still don't know enough what, partly because the lyrics were not decipherable and partly because one was never sure that it was Mr Jackson would have been after in large amounts. For me it's food and sleep. Not necessarily in that order. Some poor bloke sitting at the water's edge at South Bank today was left in no doubt about what the birds wouldn't stop without. They were after his food and they had every intention of dive bombing him until they got it. It was not just one bird or even one species of birds. He ended up looking like Snow White with those forest birds around her head. But he stood his ground clearly determined that he was not going to stop enjoying his twilight rest until he's had enough, fair call. I mean, why would you move just because you are under avian attack?

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