Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7. Day 219. Heading for a fall

 As a child we laughed out loud at the song about the old women stuck in lavatory. It's not so funny if it happens to someone you know and love. My neighbour Margaret had another fall tonight, this time on her way out of the loo. She was able to activate her panic alarm and a paramedic, other neighbours and I found her on the floor. She was distressed. "I thought I'd be there all night," she said.
If the truth be told we've been heading for this fall for some days. Last Thursday she struggled to make it down stairs and in the end had to cancel her hairdressing appointment because there was no way she was going to be able to make it to the salon. I also noticed she was actually wearing the panic alarm something she finds every excuse in the world to avoid. And when I visited this afternoon rather than get up and let me in, she threw the keys out the window so I could let myself in. Her knee was clearly distressing her. After past falls she has insisted she is fine and tried to resist a trip to hospital. Not this time, she practically begged. "I can't go on like this," she said. So hospital it was to be, although that was easier said than done. The paramedic came by car alone and said there was not a single crew available on the South side and there would be a long long wait until there was. That meant either waiting it out of someone negotiating those front steps. We decided on the latter but it was far from easy and took a lot of not very graceful manhandling. But we did it and we waved her off. Let's hope there is some magic that can be worked on that dodgy knee.

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