Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5. Day 217. Colour my world

I saw daylight today - just not much off it. It is true I spend a lot of time in the theatre but today was a whole new level. Theatre in the morning? What's the world coming to? What the world is coming to is One Act Play Festival season. This weekend I am the adjudicator for Beenleigh Theatre Festival's offering. Friday night, all day and night Saturday and all day Sunday. This is theatre for whom too much theatre is never enough. I admit I was worried. A Saturday afternoon without an afternoon nap is an impossibility. Having the adjudicator fall asleep in the middle of your play is not a good look. I needn't have worried. The quality of the storytelling was really impressive. Sure festival entries are a mixed bag of colourful characters but that's its joy. And there was a break between the afternoon and evening session which allowed me to take in some fresh air and food and to snap the loris doing the same.

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