Thursday, August 24, 2017

August 24. Day 236. Colourful character

 A bloke who used to be Spencer Howson dropped by my lecture theatre this morning. I say this very much tongue in cheek because you don't need to be a breakfast radio announcer to be an awesome guest speaker about the value social media engagement in modern journalism. Among the wise words this morning was the sage advice: pick up the bottle, put down the phone. Many a career or a reputation has been ruined by drunk tweeting. There was also a warning to think before political tweeting. That, he said, didn't mean don't do it just consider the implications. It may hurt your career...or you may go on to a career in politics and then who cares? And like just about everyone else this week, he reminded the students to enrol to vote. As I type you have 15 minutes. Go.

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