Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 6. Day 218. Winners are grinners

It's nice when you think the most deserving entrants won. Being the judge pretty much ensures you have that luxury. But it's not easy, especially when the quality is universally high (although I suspect the issue would be the same if it was universally crap). It was awesome, too, that there were so many people's bums on sets in the theatre not just for the prize giving but for all the sessions. I couldn't help but wonder how of those who rocked up weren't in some way related to a performer. My guess is  not many and I suspect that's pretty common with most of the one act play circuit. This is a shame. Drama Teen and I frequently bemoan how "safe" many or even most of the programming choices are for theatre companies. They go with tried and true commodities because financially it's the only way to survive. We keep getting Cats because of brand recognition even if everyone with half a brain knows it is crap. In this festival, most took a big risk, big reward strategy. There was a play about a serial killer dismembering the bodies of his child victims. There was a play about a man being handcuffed to a traffic pole in his smalls on his buck's night and one about teens in a cancer ward. Only one title came close to a household name which made the joy of discovery all the sweeter.

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