Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9. Day 129. The colour purple

There was a time when I might have found myself doing a double take if I saw someone around my workplace smeared with purple paint.
There was a time when when I may have been shocked when a refugee village complete with a UNHCR emergency shelter tent sprung up in the forecourt. But when you work in a Creative Industries Faculty and you live with a Drama Teen it takes a fair bit to raise an eyebrow. Someone, somewhere is always rehearsing for something, setting up for something or performing something. I often wonder if I would notice if there was a real emergency or just assume the cameras were about. We still have a store mannequin in pieces around the place. It was once a prop and now lives mostly in the garage. Occasionally one arm will be on a chair or a leg on a stool because someone thinks it is funny to have an actual arm chair or foot stool. Life is never dull it's just one purple patch after another.

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