Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8. Day 128. The natives are getting restless

Whether at home or away, the natives are taking a few liberties. Given they are protected species, I suppose they know they can get away with it. Or they simply don't care. After all food and shelter are pretty basic survival needs and you take it where you can get it. For the ibis around campus they see the world as one great big takeaway outlet. Every meal on every outside table is fair game. Every half eaten sandwich, every chip, every cake crumb has one ibis or other's name on it. At home we don't have an ibis problem (but the scrub turkeys are pretty free range). What we do have is possums. Now, technically the possums are native to the area but the furry natives in my home feel they have a much bigger claim (they are, after all micro chipped and registered to this address). They take severe exception to uninvited fur guests. The possums have listened to their very loud objections and effectively looked down their noses dismissively from the rafters of the deck. It was raining. The deck was dry. Care factor zero. About the same amount of care the ibis have for the signs about not feeding the birds.


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