Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5. Day 125. Totally sick

Like any normal, sensible person I avoid charity collectors in the Brisbane CBD like the plague.
I am not a Scrooge, the but the charity mugger or Chugger as we call them, can not be encouraged. Their tactics are aggressive and intimating.
So why would I be putting my hand in my pocket when the collectors are armed with swords, claws and a bow and arrow? Not because they were armed and dangerous. I can not walk past people collecting for the Starlight Foundation using my normal tactic of avoiding all eye contact. The Foundation works in hospitals to make the life of sick kids brighter. I have spent time as a parent at the bedside of my sick child. I know how bleak it is. But as I walked the corridors I'd see the really sick kids and their parents and my heart would break.
The Starlight Foundation exists entirely to make the lives of those sick, scared kids, those stressed parents and the siblings caught in the net a little brighter. It's Starlight Day where the Foundation hits the streets with the aim of raising $1.3 million to help kids in hospital be kids and not just patients. Unfortunately, in hospital, laughter probably isn't the best medicine but it sure helps making the official treatment regime far easier to tolerate. It's the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down. And that's worth putting your hand in your pocket for especially because the collectors - like all Starlight volunteers - go about their business with such a sense of fun.

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