Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 21. Day 141. A wild ride

The past few days have been a wild ride. It's a bit like wedding vows ... in sickness and in health. I feel a bit better. I do stuff. I feel a whole lot worse. I slump on the couch or go to bed. The GP - the second one last week - said to be guided by I feel. I don't think I'm listening all that well. He said 'flu, which gives me the sh*ts because like a good little girl I had my 'flu shots. But it doesn't cover all strains and it seems like I got one not covered. Yay me. During the day it's mostly okay. At night, not so much. Last night, my husband threatened to take me to hospital after a particularly violent and extended coughing fit. It passed and besides new GP (who I happen to like rather a lot) said to give it until Monday. He'd like to see significant improvement or swabs and a chest X-Ray. He said I could go to work if I felt like it. That be guided by the body thing again. This afternoon, I felt like taking the dogs out. We walked around the perimeter of the Paniyiri Festival. We didn't go it. There's only so much excitement I need right now. Just the essentials. But my great sadness is that I have to stay away from infants. That means I couldn't go and visit my friend Alison and her kids, especially her newborn. They fly home to Singapore in the morning and won't be back for months, possibly a year. I could only say goodbye on the phone. That's better than nothing but not the same. I also have to stay away from my elderly neighbour Margaret but my family are delivering the groceries and running errands as required.  And on my team are my humans and the two dogs. Dogs are awesome at picking up what people need and they have barely left my side. Bless them.

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