Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10. Day 130. Been there. Done that. I've been to Bali too

In 1984, Redgum released I've Been to Bali Too, a honest and amusing but slightly tragic look at Aussie tourists in Bali. I've been to Bali, because I'm Australian. And because I'm like so many Australians, Bali is the start and finish of my Indonesian experience. But by year's end I will address that. I will be accompanying a group of students to Surabaya and Jakarta. There will be visits to the ZetCon largest youth convention in Indonesia. Yay me. So today I took the opportunity to get myself a little bit brushed on Indonesian food and culture. I can't say I set out to do it more I walked straight into it.  Today was Batavia, celebrating the food & pop culture of Jakarta. I smelt it before I saw it and it smelt good so I followed my nose. It was raining but the Indonesian Student Association of QUT were clearly not the type to let a few showers rain on their parade.

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