Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 7. Day 127. Your mission, if you choose to accept it ....

My younger sister was three when my only brother entered the world. She still hasn't entirely forgiven him. Let's be honest, when you have been the baby and been showered with all the attention that comes with that for three years, handing over that mantle is not going to be easy. I have to say my little buddy Elliott, also three, has been a champion at accepting his new baby brother Owen. His mother has worked really hard to ensure that has happened. But still the shift of focus must be a little hard to take. So when I visited today my mission was clearly laid out: make Elliott feel special. Challenge accepted. So for over an hour we played silly buggers in the back yard. We rolled around, we were dinosaurs, we growled, we all fell down. I was allowed a brief look at the baby but then it was Elliott all the way. Elliott knows how attached I am to my camera so he wanted a turn. Right, you are. So if I am prepared to run the photos I took of him, it is only fair that I also run the ones he took of me. Hardly flattering but it showed how serious I was to throw myself into the mission. It also shows that my camera is pretty good on auto mode and this young man has the eye of a photographer.

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