Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26. Day 146. The Beat goes on

There is this sweet spot, it exists somewhere between "if you are on to a good thing stick to it" and "same-old, same-old".  Lady Beatle sits sweetly on that spot. The Little Red Company has already achieved much critical acclaim for Rumour Has it (based on Adele) and Wrecking Ball (the Miley Cyrus story). The creative team of Adam Brunes and Naomi Price have developed a part juke box musical, part cabaret, part tribute show formula that works. It works because because the writing is smart, it works because the production values are spot on but mostly it works because of the music. And it works in no small part because of Naomi Price. Not only does Price have the voice of an angel, she is an extraordinary performer. She can channel the essence of Adele or Miley or the mysterious Lady Beatle. With the runs on the board and a star at the microphone it would be tempting to do just more of the same. And they probably would have got away with it. But Lady Beatle takes you to a place you think is familiar and then takes a sharp right turn. Right on that X Spot, is the real magic. Right there all the re imaging of the Beatles' music makes absolute sense. There is the moment that lifts it right out of tribute band material to a story of humanity. This is a show that will go places because you can't really fail with Beatles' music done well and nor can you fail with a great story. Lady Beatle continues as La Boite until June 3.                     

The encore
The opening night speeches

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