Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12. Day 132. Growing old sucks

When you wake up attached to a machine you can't help but think about the process of aging. Sure with age comes experience. Sure you learn something new every day. So yes, there are things you've gained but what about the things you've lost? The eyesight that's not what it was. The joints that ache, the body bits impacted by gravity. I'm feeling old and tired, but mostly tired. Which brings me back to the machine. Night one of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). Now you can't expect miracles. And today I still felt tired. In fact as the day went on I felt even more tired than normal if that's even possible. But I woke without a headache and I never wake without a headache so that's something. But having to disconnect from a device in the dark just to have a wee is really annoying. I suppose you get used to it. Let's hope so. While it's hard to see the upside right now, the fact that there is a machine that can help is kind of awesome. Had I lived in a different age there would be nothing. And without technology, my neighbour would be profoundly deaf. Her hearing aid was playing up today so I was summonsed to help. I couldn't refuse because she couldn't hear what I was saying. Changing the batteries fixed the problem. Yay me. Yay the people who invented and continue to refine the technology to address hearing loss. Science has answers if not to aging itself but to the things that fail. Now I just hope it works.

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